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Sermon Discussion Questions

 Bishop Bronner 

“Ant Wisdom”

​  6/23/24

 Proverb 6:6-11 ICB

1.  Was there a little thing in your life that taught you a BIG lesson?  Share with your group what your little thing was and how it grew.  What did you learn from this experience?


       You cannot teach a man a lesson he already thinks he knows.


2.  Share in your group what the statement above means to them.  Has there been a time when you thought you knew what to do, but laterfound out you were wrong?  How did you respond when you realized you were wrong?  What did you learn about yourself because of this situation?


3.  Bishop talked about how to handle small beginnings in his message.  Can you recall a time in your life when you were frustrated because something you were starting had very little participation?

How long did it take for your initiative to grow?  What was the one thing you learned that helped you the most?


4.  Share a time when you really went out of your way to help somebody when you were really hurting yourself?  How did you feel inside as you ministered to that person?Was this a learning experience for you?

Describe the main thing you learned.


 Clarity + Intentionality + Urgency = Extraordinary Results


5.  Bishop Bronner shared this information above in his message.  How does this principal speak to you?


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