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Sermon Discussion Questions

Bishop Bronner   


"Discernment Amid Storms"

Matthew 14: 22-27 NLT

1. Share with the group the last real storm you experienced! How did you survive in the storm? What did you learn as you navigated the storm?

2. How much time do you spend alone with Jesus in prayer? Do you have a consistent time and place to pray? Have you experienced the presence of God while praying?

3. When is the last time you prayed and thanked God for ALL He has done? Share in your group some of the miraculous things the Lord has done in your life. How does it make you feel to talk about Gods goodness?

4. Has there been a major fear in your life that you had to face recently? How do you think you developed the fear in the first place? “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but power, love and a sound mind” Why is this scripture, so very important?

5. What are some of the scriptures you had to rely on during your storms? Why those specific scriptures? As you have meditated on some of your favorite scriptures through the years, could you feel and sense the shift in the situation?

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