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Sermon Discussion Questions


Bishop Bronner 
         “God of the Meantime”           

Genesis 39:1-6a NLT


1.  Have you ever been crushed by life circumstances?  Was God with you during the trouble?                    What did God do?  Was your life made better through the trouble?  


2.  What does “dying to self” mean to you? What have you learned through the process of “dying to self”?  How did it feel as you went through the process?


3.  As you look back on your life, what has been the biggest test you have experienced? How did you handle the test? What did you learn through the test?

4.  How do you understand the term “A Covenant with God”?  Do you have a Covenant with God?  Share with the group the blessings of your Covenant with God.


5.  Be honest with yourself and ask this question, “are you sitting on your gift”?
If so, why?  Share with your group how you are using your gift?

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